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This year's coolest car rental company, Silvercar wanted a visually rich, yet easily navigable site to cull through the many growing locations and discount offers continually being launched.



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Affinity Answers

An innovative startup that uses data to help marketers discover user affinities for their brand and beyond. Platform UX and Design for product's first iteration to the public. 


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Tenfold had an outdated and confusing platform for keeping track of sales calls, that desperately needed some updating. I utlilized the existing structure of the platform, rethinking how it was organized for specific users, and adding in new innovative features and metrics.


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Using the existing structure of their Marketing site, I cleaned up the experience and look of this page to make it more clear and easier to use, while highlighting assets and learning materials for potential clients to download.

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Desktop-Dealerware.com-AUDI PORT2.png

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Having no previous platform in their business for tracking POS systems from creation to installation, I helped consult, concept, and create their first ever interface with the data they already had. The result was an in-depth breakdown of POS metrics for the business's nationwide impact. 

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Map View - Country PORT.png
Analysis PORT.png

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Bloomfire Chrome Extension

Bloomfire already has a functional product for sharing information within teams, but they wanted additional extensions to help their users keep and share their posts organized. The result is a Chrome Extension app that functions much like the flagship product. A Zendesk application is also in the works to pair with this.